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’ -- [and says] ‘Too bad we can’t stay baby,’” Jordan explains before going on to call Murphy’s joke one of “the best bits of all time.” The film was more directly inspired, though, by one of Peele's past relationships with a white woman.

“I had to ask the question, ‘If I’m going to meet your parents, do they know I’m black?

They tackle issues from navigating online dating to dealing with politicians who are constantly spouting anti-women rhetoric.

So use this list as a jumping off point for discovering new shows to see and comedy albums to listen to.

The actress -- who Peele describes as “crazy woke” -- has been very supportive of the film.

And no, doesn’t draw from any real-life experiences meeting her family.

“I will never actually know what it's like to live in another body, but I spend a lot of my time trying to understand at least the experience that other people have. You just have to acknowledge it.”Peele, who is biracial (his mother is white and his father is black), is in an interracial relationship.

I don’t know how it goes up from here.” This time marks a lot of firsts in the life of Peele, the actor and comedian who is often recognized as half of actress Chelsea Peretti. It’s not the type of thing I can just wrap my head around right now,” he says, joking: “I’m really looking forward to my child’s comedy special.

Stand-up is still dominated by men, but you could be part of the wave of fans that take these female comics to the next level of fame.

Her material are well delivered and the connection between the jokes are great unlike most comedians who are throwing out a lot of jokes until they find one that gets the reaction.

It can be tough to find new stand-up comics worth your time and attention.

Still, that's no excuse to have your go-to female comic list begin and end with Amy Schumer.

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  1. So when she sees this geek who works at her office getting the short end of the stick, she takes him back where she can have some private time and she shows him what it is like to be with so much woman.

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